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Project Operation and Management Spreadsheet

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This Project Operations and Management spreadsheet is a Microsoft® Excel® based spreadsheet templates for project planning and task scheduling. This spreadsheet templates focus on aspects of project management including Order of Magnitude Cost calculation, size of staff planning, tasks time line, budget planning, project profit modeling, resource allocation and zone tracking. It can be utilized to plan and monitor project performance to facilitate project related decision making.

This Project Operation and Management spreadsheet template is ability to share for people who are collaborating on the same project management. It allows users to monitor the project activities and directly input their update into the same spreadsheet. The owner of a shared workbook can control what information is ultimately included and can stop sharing the workbook once all the data has been incorporated. Please check our SpreadsheetsBuilder's FAQ for how to setup this sharing feature.

The spreadsheet templates is very flexible and easy to use. It may be expanded by anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel. Add additional projects (tasks) by simply copy and pasting the front page rows.

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free Spreadsheet Templates

free Spreadsheet Templates

free Spreadsheet Templates

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