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Let this Microsoft® Excel® Human Resource (HR) payroll spreadsheet template help you on employee payroll calculation. You can take advantage of Excel spreadsheet template's built-in functions and formulas to help you on your employee monthly payroll easily without any expensive outsourcing help or other on line HR subscription.

With our payroll spreadsheet template, you only need to fill out "Employee Information" form and "Employee Timesheet" form. We will help you with the rest - all the details in payroll processing. Please fill all relevant information for each of your employee payroll including employee ID, address, contact number, grade, hourly rates, tax status, federal tax allowance, state tax, Medicare tax, social security tax and any other deductions, to "Employee Information Form". (You can update that information later on by using the web link information that we provide later). Then full out the "Employee Timesheet", our spreadsheet template will calculate employee's salary and all withholding tax amounts.

Payroll Spreadsheet Templates will help you to create the paystubs for each employee and you can easily modify the paystub's format based on your need. We also provide a HR payroll dashboard to forecast and plan for your payroll salary, HR management and financial data. .

This payroll spreadsheet is ability to share for people who are collaborating on the same payroll spreadsheet. It allows users to monitor the update activities and directly input their information into the same spreadsheet. The owner of a shared workbook can control what information is ultimately included and can stop sharing the workbook once all the data has been incorporated. Please check our SpreadsheetsBuilder's FAQ for how to setup this sharing feature.

This Payroll spreadsheet template is one of our Mini HR management spreadsheet's module, more HR management feature spreadsheets are coming soon ...

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