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Free Housing Investment/Loan Calculator Spreadsheet


Is renting your home a better investment than owning it? House Investment Loan Spreadsheet will help you find the answer. This spreadsheet is designed for quick and easy analysis of the effect of a loan's terms on the borrower's payment obligations. It is fully-customizable and easy-to-use. Simply enter the principal amount, interest rate, payment frequency and the term (length) of the loan and a payment table is automatically generated. The table automatically calculates and shows the breakdown of each payment between principal and interest and displays a running total of the balance that will be owed after each payment. You will easy to find out with in next 25 years "Rent" or "Buy" conclution on the spreadsheet.

Also we include a

It will help you to dick out more information you need before you move on to buy a property.



Our software runs on any version of Excel from 97-2016.


freeSpreadsheet Templates

free Spreadsheet Templates

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