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Business Spreadsheet Value Package

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This is a DIY business spreadsheet tempaltes value package; it contains most useful business spreadsheet templates for your small business. It is a very good package for starting up your owner business valuation. Business spreadsheet templates package includes:

This Business Value Package is a set of worksheets for evaluating company's financial performance and forecasting. To illustrate concepts related to financial analysis and forecasting, we uses a combination of ration and industry average to evaluate the financial performance of the company. This workbook also helps on generated the trend line graphs for comparing the company's performance with the industry averages.

The Capital budgeting analysis work sheet is for doing capital budgeting analysis with inclusion of opportunity costs, working capital requirements

The Cash flow work sheet temple comes with unsubsidized sheet, subsidized sheet and bullet sheet.

The project balance work sheet help you manage each project total assets, liabilities and equities.



Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheet Templates


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